Best Practices For Storing Power Tools and Hand Tools

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a stash of hand and power tools around your home. You likely bought them for a specific project, and once that project was completed, those tools have been collecting dust in your garage or basement. If you don’t have projects lined up for those tools in the near future, it might be time to consider putting them into storage. But first, you’ll want to take the proper steps to prepare your tools for their time in your storage space.

How to Store Tools

1. Clean your tools.

You should always clean your tools after each use, but it’s especially important to do before they go into storage. Wipe down the tool to rid it of any dirt or grease. If it has any metal surfaces, treat it with a cleaning solution and add a lubricant. Finally, dry it with a towel.

2. Get rid of any broken tools.

If you have any broken tools, it’s better to throw them out now rather than store everything and throw them away later. As you go through the cleaning process, look for tools with damage or defects. If you can’t repair it, it needs to go rather than take up space in storage.

3. Know how to store your tools.

Tools with short handles should be stored in a plastic box with similar tools. Storage bins provide an extra layer of protection while they’re in storage.

4. Create an Inventory of your items.

To quickly find your items, keep them organized in storage by creating an inventory list. If you choose to store your hand and power tools with Crampt, we make it easy for you with our online tenant portal.

Store Your Hand and Power Tools with Crampt

Crampt makes storing your tools easy. If you have tools with short handles that should go in protective boxes, Crampt has you covered! We provide our storage boxes for your convenience, so you know your tools are protected. If you have tools with long handles, we can store those too! Our storage facility takes extra precautions with larger items like large tools and furniture. We also help you keep track of which tools you have in storage through our tenant portal.

Not sure how much storage space you need for your tools and other belongings? Our pricing page shows you what each of our unit sizes can hold. Get a quote on a storage space for your tools today!

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