Moving and Storing a Washing Machine and Dryer

A woman helps her granddaughter load the washing machine.

Your washing machine and dryer are a huge part of your weekly life. If you have children or grandchildren, laundry may even be a daily process for you. They’re also expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This means that you want to take care of your washer and dryer – even when they’re going into storage.

When preparing your large appliances for storage, you want to be sure they’ll stay in good condition for use later. Of course, that means preparing them suitably before moving them. It’s important to take the proper steps for moving and storage, so we’ve listed some tips for you below!

Preparing a Washing Machine and Dryer for Storage

1. Clean both the washer and dryer

Start a week before moving your appliance. Run a clean rinse cycle on the washer to help get rid of any built-up detergent. Still have some stubborn buildup? Run a second cycle with a vinegar solution.

For the dryer, remove the debris from the lint trap (vacuum it out if you must), and take out any removable parts including the trap. Washing them in mild soap and water and be sure to let them fully dry before going into storage.

2. Disconnect the hoses to both machines

Once your final rinse cycle finishes on the washing machine, turn off the connecting water valves. Allow the washer to fully dry. If either appliance has a gas connection, shut that off before disconnecting the hose from the wall. However, if you aren’t comfortable with the gas component, you can always consult a professional. Finally, switch off the circuit breakers.

3. Store the hoses and electrical cords in the appliances

It can be easy to lose things in storage. To prevent the loss of items like hose connections and electrical cords, store them inside the washing machine and dryer drums.

How to Move a Washer and Dryer Safely

1. Tape the doors shut

The last thing you want is the doors popping open during transition and getting damaged. To keep that from happening, tape the doors and latches shut.

2. Wrap everything in moving blankets

Transportation can mean scratches, dings and scuffmarks. If you want your items coming out of storage in good condition, use a moving blanket. Wrap them around the appliances and secure them if necessary.

3. Use a dolly

It may seem obvious to say, but washing machines and dryers are heavy. That can make them very difficult and dangerous to move. To help make it easier, always use a dolly and secure the appliance with either bungee cords or rope. It’s also a good idea to ask for help so you’re not moving it by yourself.

Storing a Washing Machine and Dryer in Austin, TX with Crampt

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