4 Ways To Get The Most From Storage During a Move

Of the various tools available to help make your move go more smoothly, one of the most overlooked is storage. Storage units can make your move much easier and less stressful, especially if you get creative.

1. Downsize or Upsize with Ease

Moving is complicated enough, but it can even more challenging if you are downsizing or upsizing, something storage can help with. In terms of downsizing, getting a storage unit for a longer-term rental will let you keep all your important items without needing to find room for them in your home.

On the other hand, if you are moving into a bigger place, a storage unit gives you the flexibility to buy additional items ahead of time. This lets you take advantage of sales to save money and reduces move-in stress. Buy that extra furniture you will need and have it ready to go for your move without a second thought.

2. Keep Sentimental Items Safe from Moving Damage

Everyone has some items that hold sentimental value or are highly breakable. You can use a storage unit to store these items while you move. This way, you know they are safe and will not get lost or damaged during the move. There is no need to get them out of the way on moving day or to keep a close eye on them. They will already be out of the way and somewhere safe yet accessible.

3. Get Space to Organize and Plan

Filling boxes can easily take up most of the space you have in your home, leaving you no room for organization. If you find yourself running out of space, storage could be a great way to clear the room you need to organize. Put some of the boxes you are less likely to need anytime in storage, so you can clear up space to pack other items. This will make it much easier to pack in an organized manner since you will have room to move items around.

When unpacking, you can use the same strategy. Leave the extra boxes in the storage unit for a few days, weeks, or even months, so you have space to organize the essentials. Then, unpack those boxes in the unit once everything else is set up.

4. Increase the Time You Have to Move

Storage can also help if your move has you on a tight frame. If there is not enough time between your move-in day at the new place and the move-out one at the old, a storage unit can give you some extra time. Move all or some of your items into the unit, so you can take your time with the move instead of feeling rushed.


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