5 Steps to Properly Store Your Mattress

If you have been thinking about turning that extra bedroom into a home office or want to use your son’s room as a home gym while he is away at college, you may be wondering what to do with the mattress that is taking up most of the space.  Or maybe you are getting ready to move or remodel, and you need to store your mattress.  Regardless of why you need the storage, there are a few things you should know to protect your mattress for use in the future.

1.  Clean  

To get started, remove the bedding and let the mattress air out.   Treat any stains per manufacturer’s instructions. Sprinkle baking soda or upholstery cleaner on the surface and let it sit for a while before vacuuming.  Vacuum both sides of your mattress thoroughly and let it air out again.

  • Tip: If your mattress is memory foam or a foam hybrid, don’t use upholstery cleaner since it may be absorbed into the foam.  Read manufacturer’s suggested cleaning techniques or stick with the baking soda.  

2.  Cover

Cover your mattress with plastic or a mattress storage bag.  This protects your mattress from dust, moisture, and insects.  Mattress storage bags can be  purchased at home improvement stores or storage facilities.  

  • Tip: If you live in an area that has high humidity, opt for a mattress storage bag that is especially made to keep moisture out, while letting the mattress breathe.  

3.  Move

You have cleaned and protected your mattress, so you want to make sure you continue this protection by moving in a covered truck.  A surprise rain shower is all that is needed to put your protection efforts at risk.

  • Tip: Rental car companies offer van and box truck rentals as well as some storage companies offer pickup and delivery services.

4.  Store

Mattresses require flat storage.  That is, never store a mattress on its side!  It may take up less room that way, but side storage can damage the springs and cause permanent damage to your entire mattress.  The thing you most love about your mattress is the even support and comfort it provides.  Storing on its side will cause collapse and spring displacement.

You may have considered storing your mattress in your basement, garage, or backyard shed.  Sure, you already own that piece of real estate, but storage in any of these places can lead to moisture, which in turn may cause mold or mildew on your mattress.  In addition, you may have to battle insects and rodents.  Storage in a climate controlled facility is optimal.  

  • Tip: Avoid storing boxes, furniture, or other items on top of your mattress.  Though it may look like you are getting the most out of your space, heavy objects can damage springs and leave indentations on your mattress.

5.  De-Stress

Moving and storage can be stressful, in addition to physically demanding and time-consuming.  At Crampt, we take mattress storage to the next level.  We wrap them ourselves and take them to our climate-controlled facility where they are laid flat on racks for storage.  When you are ready for your mattress to be returned, simply contact us for delivery.   Need more than mattress storage?  We have you covered for that too!  We make storage easy with storage bin delivery and pickuponline organization, and stress-free delivery of items back to you. Not sure how much space you need? We can help with that too, thanks to our handy storage sizing guide.  Contact us today to get started!

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