Spring Cleaning – 7 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips for Austinites

It is springtime in the beautiful city of Austin — which means it’s also time for spring cleaning! While everyone has their own process for sprucing up their home, here are 7 helpful spring cleaning tips that can help you get underway:

1. Focus on Decluttering Your Home

Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles to cleanliness. It even works against clear thinking! With that in mind, make sure that you focus on organizing your home, room by room. For instance:

  • Go through your junk drawer (or drawers), and clean it out! If you haven’t used the object in 6 months, you don’t need it.
  • Organize those papers on your office desk into folders, as well as discard or shred any outdated documents.
  • Arrange the clothes in your closet in a logical sequence — and organize that dreaded sock drawer!

Less clutter will mean less stress in your life. Couldn’t we all use that?

2. Work from Top to Bottom

It just makes sense to clean from top to bottom when you get into the nitty-gritty of spring cleaning. For example, working that way will keep you from knocking dust onto a floor that you’ve already cleaned. If you have a vacuum with an extension hose, use that accessory to remove cobwebs as well as dust from your ceilings first.

3. Use a HEPA Vacuum

Austin’s air has its fair share of pollen and allergens. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter if at all possible. A HEPA-certified vacuum will not only clean up visible dirt as well as dust from your carpeted areas; it will also trap those pesky contaminants like pet dander.

4. Follow the 4-Step Process

As you work on eliminating clutter from your home, it’s helpful to follow this 4-step process to make your work more effective:

  1. Identify problem areas
  2. Analyze reasons for the clutter (Why is this here?)
  3. Determine a workable solution
  4. Follow-through

You can also identify different possessions as belonging to one of the following categories: trash, give away, store, or keep.

5. Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet can easily get overlooked during spring cleaning — but you don’t have to let it slip your mind. Make sure to organize your medicine cabinet at some point during your spring cleaning project.

Keep those items you use frequently front and center, as well as put other products in the back. See if any medications have expired, and replace them as needed. Downsize what you can in order to save space (e.g., take cotton swabs out of their original packaging and put them into more compact containers, like clear plastic bags).

6. Replace Air Filters

Late spring and early summer in Austin can get real humid, real quick — which means you’ll need to have the A/C on. That’s why it’s good to replace your home’s air filters early on. You want to enjoy good indoor air quality when your air conditioning unit is running at peak capacity, and not have to worry about breathing in dust particles and allergens.

7. Don’t Forget Your Windows!

Remember that clean windows make everything look better! Your house will feel more open, and you’ll likely be in a better frame of mind. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your windows, and let the light in!

How Crampt Can Help with Your Spring Cleaning

As you organize your home during spring cleaning, you may find several items that don’t really belong in your home but are too precious to throw or give away. If that’s the case, let Crampt help you find a temporary “home” for those belongings. We are “storage on demand” experts, and can make the storage process stress-free for you, from beginning to end. If you live in Austin, Texas, reach out to us today for a personalized quote, and see how simple it can be to de-clutter your home!

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