Better than Self-Storage – Storage On-Demand in ATX

Self-storage has become popular with people and businesses looking for alternatives to store their possessions. Crampt offers climate-controlled storage on-demand that is secure, convenient, pest-free, and equipped with modern fire prevention and sprinkler system.

There is no need for you to rent a truck, find cardboard or visit a storage unit, especially in the Texas summer heat. Also, there is no need for you to dig through the storage unit when you need to take out or return one of your stored items. We take care of that for you.

4 Reasons to Choose Crampt Storage

Below are the four reasons why you should consider storing your belongings with us.

1. Security at the Storage Facility 

Many storage units are not safe, and lack of security never leaves anyone at ease. When searching for “self-storage near me”, check the security of the location and the facility carefully.

Not only should there be surveillance but also a restriction on who can access the unit. With Crampt storage on-demand, you’ll rest assured knowing your belongings are in a secure facility that is never open to the public.

You are provided with tamper-proof zip ties with unique IDs to secure your containers. The containers will never be opened without your authorization (unless required for legal reasons, but we can’t imagine that would be an issue for you!) 

2. Transportation Burden

Not everyone owns a vehicle, and if you do, you know the stress of driving in a city, especially in a rented truck. With the high traffic in Austin, moving around can be hectic, and most self-storage companies in Austin will require you to move and transfer the items yourself. The other alternative is hiring movers.

Crampt packs your items in durable storage bins and moves them with great care. Getting back your belongings is also easy. Do it online by selecting the item(s) you require and they will be delivered to you.

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Accumulation of Clutter in Self-Storage

Most items selected for storage are not those used daily. Storage units can get cluttered quickly and finding items can become a frustrating puzzle. Crampt storage on demand takes the “self” out of “self-storage”; by digitally cataloging with barcodes allowing you to access your Crampt account and your online inventory. You can quickly and easily keep track of what you have in storage.

4. Strict Policies Controlling Self-Storage

Many people have suffered on account of other peoples’ mistakes regarding storage units with no guidelines. Items like drugs, explosives, flammables, guns, foods/ perishables, plants, and animals should not be kept in storage units. They are hazardous and bring pests and foul smell, even in climate-controlled units.

Crampt has a strict policy that only allows safe items, protecting all our customers’ belongings and the safety of our team.


So why would you put yourself through the trouble of renting a truck, finding cardboard boxes, going to a storage unit in the long hot summers of Austin, Texas, when you can contact Crampt and try out Storage on-Demand for yourself? 

If you require more space for your items like seasonal décor, sporting equipment, or excess furniture, Crampt can help! We make it easy with storage bin delivery and pickup, online organization, and stress-free delivery of items back to you upon request. Not sure how much space you need? We also have a handy storage sizing guide that will help you decide the amount of space you require. Start with a personalized storage quote today!

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