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If you are going to sell your home, you are probably working with a realtor, discussing values, needed repairs, and other things that need to be done in order for your home to sell easily and quickly. Maybe you are not ready to move into your new home yet. Or maybe you are in the process of moving out. Whatever stage of selling and moving you are in, one thing is for certain. You will want to get top dollar for your home with as little effort and expense as possible. This is where Crampt comes in. Find out why your realtor will love Crampt.

Benefits of Using Crampt and Why Realtors Love It

Clutter is a Realtor’s Enemy

After you have discussed the comparable sales in your neighborhood, the repairs that need to be done to the gutter, the garage floor that should be power washed, your realtor may ever so gently bring up that word sellers hate to hear: Clutter.

You might think your house is pretty clean. However, everyone has clutter. If you honestly look at your home the way others see it, you may see things that are meaningful to you, but to others…well, not so much.

Stripping it Down

Looking around the room, check for personal objects such as photos, certificates, items lovingly handmade by others….and then remove them. Buyers want to look at your home as if it is their home. The gallery wall of family vacations will have to go, at least until you move into your new home. Knickknacks need to come off the tables, pictures, and reminders off the refrigerator, and the pet toys need to be picked up too. Your home should feel comfortable, like a hotel room.

Corral the Toys

Kids got to play, right? But no one can imagine that play room as a den if toys are strewn about.  Bathtub toys, high chairs, and backyard sports gear needs to be removed from your buyer’s sight. If you will be living in the house while it is being shown, pack up all the extraneous playthings and only leave the few things that are absolutely necessary.

Keep Decor Simple and Minimal

The fewer pieces of furniture in a room, the larger the room is going to look. You don’t have to clear out the family room. But maybe Dad’s recliner could be removed for a while, huh? Do you have extra chairs for when company comes by? An extra dresser in the guest room that you use for something besides guests? Try to decide which pieces could easily be stored until after the sale.

Don’t Forget the Closets

If you have great closets in the bedrooms or hall, let prospective buyers imagine their things in them. Don’t overcrowd them with off-season clothing, sports equipment and toys. Box up those winter coats and snow boots while your house is on the market in the Spring.

Garages are for Cars

Even though we all know we use our garages for overflow, for tool storage, and to store our holiday decorations, you need to show a garage for what it is actually built for: your CAR. The same goes for basements. Unless your basement is finished, you probably have all the stuff that you wanted to keep but really had no use for. Box this up as well, so your buyer can see just how spacious your basement really is.

What to Do Next

So you now have all of your personal memorabilia, your out of season clothes, your Christmas tree, and Dad’s recliner in a heap on the floor. What do you do next?  

  • Sort
    • Make three piles: Donate, Toss, Keep. Of course, you are going to hold onto all of your precious personal items, as well as Dad’s recliner but look at some of the other items that you have weeded out. You may not need the parka if you are moving to Las Vegas or maybe the ski pants or the tee shirts no longer fit. In that case, place in the donate pile. Same with toys that your children have outgrown or no longer play with. Toss anything that is broken or in need of repair.
  • Pack
    • Have packing supplies available to pack all the things that you are keeping. Wrap breakable items carefully with padded or bubbled wrap.   
    • Items being donated can be place in totes, boxes, or large trash bags and scheduled for pickup or delivery.
    • Toss those items destined for the trash.
  • Call
    • Call Crampt at (512) 582-4892 for your storage needs in Austin. We provide free durable storage bins for you to pack your items. Our movers will pick up your belongings and transport them to our secure storage facility. We digitally catalog all of your items so that you can manage your inventory online from home. When you are ready for your move, let us know and we will bring your items back to you. 

Realtors love Crampt. They help clients have their homes staged and ready to sell. You can feel secure in knowing that your items are safe with us as well as never having to drive a moving truck or climb into a storage unit. Ask your realtor about our services, or contact us for more information or to get a quote

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