Apartment Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

A colorful shelving unit in the entryway of an apartment.

When you live in a small space like an apartment or condo, you’re going to have some limitations on storage. You may even find yourself being cramped by your belongings. But if you’re intentional about your storage, you could end up with more room than you think! Here are a few secrets for renters on how to create more storage in their home.

5 Storage Solutions for Renters

1. Rely on shelves

Think vertical when it comes to storage. You only have so much floor space when you live in an apartment, so the next solution is move upward. Shelves can go relatively anywhere: next to the entryway, in the kitchen or in the bedroom. You can even arrange them as dividers to create an office space or separate dining room. Want to really get creative? Position them as a headboard for your bed – the visible shelves are great for grabbing a book before falling asleep, and the hidden shelves are perfect for items you don’t need very often. If you don’t want to only use shelving units, you can opt for floating shelves for lighter items.

2. Choose furniture that can fill multiple roles

Furniture like benches and ottomans not only provide a place to sit or rest your feet, but they can also act as a place to hide items you want out of the way. Fill your ottomans with bulky items like blankets for a chilly night and use benches with built-in storage for your shoes.

3. Platform beds offer plenty of smart storage ideas

Elevating your bed creates the possibility of creating under-the-bed storage instead of relying on multiple pieces of furniture cluttering your space. Opt for a platform that comes with drawers so you can store away clothes, towels or shoes.

4. Invest in hooks

Adding hooks to places like bathroom doors, closet doors and small spaces between walls are ideal for hanging coats, purses, belts, towels and anything else you want to hang.

5. Use stackable shoe racks

Many of us hold on to shoes for years and years, leading to quite the accumulated shoe collection. If you’re short on space, go vertical with stackable shoe racks and bins.

Turn to Crampt for More Smart Storage Ideas in Austin, TX

Even with all these space-saving tips, you may still find yourself overwhelmed by the quantity of your belongings. Should you find yourself needing more space for your items like seasonal décor, sporting equipment or excess furniture, Crampt can help! We make it easy with storage bin delivery and pickup, online organization and stress-free delivery of items back to you. Not sure how much space you need? We can help with that too, thanks to our handy storage sizing guide.

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