Attic Storage Solutions & Organization Tips

A stack of boxes going into storage in front of an attic window.

Your unfinished attic space is home to a variety of items like your artificial Christmas tree, seasonal clothes and other holiday decorations. While your attic is a perfect space for keeping these belongings, it may be difficult to organize. Below are our favorite attic storage tips for getting your space organized!

8 Attic Organization Ideas for Homeowners

1. Clear out anything you’re not using anymore

Once your items go up to the attic, it’s easy to forget about them. That’s how your attic can become an overcrowded space. To keep things organized, go through everything you currently have in your attic and see if there’s anything you’re ready to get rid of.

2. Use transparent bins instead of cardboard boxes

Clear, plastic storage totes make it easier to see what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to open every box in your attic to find one item. To make it even easier, add labels to the boxes in case you have multiple items in one bin.

3. Create a space for hanging décor

Decorations like wreaths (for any holiday), garland and string lights, as well as, some seasonal clothing do best if you can keep them hanging. This keeps your belongings fluffy, untangled and wrinkle-free. To maintain the condition of these items, hang a pipe or closet rack, and then use sturdy hangers to support the wreaths and lights.

4. Create an easy way to get items in and out of your attic storage space

Many of us have to access our attic via a ladder leading up to a trap door in the ceiling. That can make it difficult to get holiday decorations and other items in and out, especially as we get older. To help lift belongings in and drop them down without hurting yourself, try installing this lifting assistant.

5. Use your trusses to your advantage

If your roof slants like most homes, use the trusses to store bins. Then you can keep taller items in the middle where you have more head space.

6. Organize by season

It’s usually the start of a new season when you’re ready to bring something down from the attic. Rather than spend hours rummaging around to find the right boxes and get them downstairs, keep all of your bins for each season together.

7. Use the rafters for hooks

Hooks are the perfect way to store baskets, wreaths and anything else you don’t want to get crushed. Twist them into the rafters and start hanging your items.

8. Add a wire rack

If you have headspace or a flat portion of a wall, adding a wire rack can help organize smaller boxes and unboxed items like cookware and decorations.

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