Business Storage: The Benefits For Your Company

Storage units are only for personal use, right? Wrong. Whether you have a small business, an expanding business, a non-profit or a side hustle that’s more of a hobby, business storage offers many benefits. Regardless of your needs, Crampt is here to help. Check out the all the benefits of small business storage below.

7 Business Storage Unit Benefits

1. Cut down on workspace clutter

If you work out of your home or a small office, clutter can pile up around you quickly. Using business storage can help you to create some much-needed space for the items you need every day.

2. More advanced

Many small businesses and non-profits operate out of a home, which can mean low security measures. Storage facilities have added levels of security such as security cameras and a gated entry. Crampt even takes it a step further by not allowing anyone except employees on the premises!

3. Allows for easy expansion of your business

Rather than having to move every couple of years when your business expands, you can use a storage facility to keep unnecessary things like old files and unused office equipment. This frees up space so you can keep working out of the same space for as long as you need. You can also use it to your benefit if you’re downsizing and need to store office furniture.

4. More cost effective than renting extra office space

When your business or side project expands, you need more space. But additional office space can be pricey compared to the cost of a business storage unit. In Austin, the cost of office space ranges from $23-$62/square feet each month. Self storage costs a fraction of that.

5. Keep hard copies off-site

Many companies need to keep hard copies of records available for legal reasons. With a storage unit, you can keep those files in a secure place while creating more space in your office or home. You can also take advantage of our sister company, Contego, who offers end-to-end document management services for businesses of all sizes.

6. Added space for surplus supply

If you operate a retail company, you know that surplus happens. Maybe when ordering inventory, an employee accidentally added an extra “0” to the number, or you overestimated how many canvases would sell during a sale. Regardless of what it is, business storage can help you store those items until you’re ready to move them.

7. Convenience

With small business storage, you can have easy access to all your company’s items even though they’re not stored on your site.

Rely on Crampt for Small Business Storage

Whether you’re a retiree with a side business to keep you busy or someone with a long-established, growing business, Crampt can help you save space. Not only do we offer a variety of storage sizes, but we also make it fast and convenient for you by picking up and delivering everything right to your door. You never have to worry about long, frustrating trips to your storage unit ever again.

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