Decorating For The Holidays: Christmas Home Décor Ideas

A multi-generational group of friends enjoys a meal surrounded by winter holiday decorations.

The winter holiday season is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year, even in warmer temperatures like in Austin. We get to enjoy quality time with our friends and families, enjoying each other’s presence and making memories to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. One way to reduce that stress and get into the holiday spirit is to decorate in advance.

How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Instead of waiting until the last minute, get a jumpstart on decorating for the holidays. Here are some Christmas home décor ideas to help get you going:

  • Start with the tree. For many of us, the Christmas tree is the most important part of all of our winter holiday decorations. Find the perfect spot for it, and then get the whole family involved in the set up and decoration. Whether you choose to use brand new store-bought decorations or ones handmade with love, decorating the tree together can help kick off the holiday season right. Want to get some decorating ideas? Hop online to watch the virtual Zilker tree lighting!
  • Hang wreaths around the house. Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are hung during the advent season, constructed of evergreens and placed on front doors — but that doesn’t have to be where you hang them or how you make them today. Walk into any craft or big-box store and you’ll see wreaths made of everything from artificial vines to colorful bulbs. Find something that catches your eye and place it anywhere you find appealing. If you want to get the kids or grandkids involved, here are some winter wreath craft ideas.
  • Hang lights. Nothing sets the holiday mood quite like the simple glow of string lights. Whether you prefer multicolored lights, icicle lights or plain, white fairy lights, hanging a few strings inside and outside of the home can help create the right holiday atmosphere. Don’t like the way the excess cord hang along the wall? Wrap it in faux holly or ivy branches for an additional seasonal touch.
  • Place a few candles around your space. Like the string lights, candle glow can help create a magical look in any room. Place a few scented candles around the space to help create the aroma of the season: cinnamon, pine needles, balsam, cranberry, gingerbread — anything you like!
  • Decorative bulbs aren’t just for the tree. If you have extra bulbs you’re not using on the tree, you don’t have to put them back in their boxes. Grab a decorative vase or glass bowl, fill it with the leftover bulbs and place it on the coffee table or sideboard. For an added Christmas-y touch, loop some greenery around the base and place a decorative candle on either side.
  • Breakout the cookie recipes. Baking cookies may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to winter holiday decorations, but scent can make wonderful Christmas memories. Grab a few members of the family and break out the rolling pins and cookie cutters. When you’re done, arrange them on a decorative tray for hands to grab throughout the season. Not sure what kinds of cookies to make? Here are 150 ideas from Taste of Home.
  • Put on some of your favorite holiday music. Whether it’s Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé or the Nutcracker, we all have our favorite music that puts us in the Christmas spirit. Filling the room with the sounds of the season can add that final decorative cherry on the holiday sundae that is your home.

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