What’s So Special About Climate Controlled Storage Units, Really?

While looking for a storage facility near you, you probably hear a lot about the special feature of climate control. Most self storage brands offer it now, but they don’t really give you a good idea of what it is or why it’s important. Not to mention, most brands that claim to have climate control actually don’t.

Below, learn all about the difference between temperature controlled storage and climate controlled storage as well as why it’s important.

Temperature Controlled Storage vs Climate Controlled Storage Units

When a storage company says they offer climate controlled storage, they often really mean temperature controlled storage. A temperature controlled unit will only manage the fluctuation of temperature while climate controlled manages both temperature fluctuation and humidity. During your search for a storage facility, be sure to ask if the facility is truly climate controlled or if it’s just temperature controlled — especially if you live in a humid climate like Austin.

In order to maintain both temperature and humidity, storage facilities with true climate control have up-to-date, industrial dehumidifiers and HVAC systems. For ideal humidity, storage facilities like Crampt keep settings around 55% humidity as most stored items do well at this level. To get a better idea of what this looks and feels like, your home is generally between 35-40% relative humidity when you run air conditioning. When humidity starts to rise above the 55% mark, many of your items in storage begin to suffer from being exposed to too much moisture.

It is important to note that climate controlled storage units do tend to cost more than standard storage units. Of course, you’re also getting more out of your storage unit when it comes with climate control.

Climate Controlled Storage Questions

What can I store in climate controlled storage units?

Anything can be stored in a climate controlled unit, but some items need a climate controlled storage unit to ensure they aren’t damaged during. Here are a few examples.

  • Electronics: Electronic items such as computers, laptops, phones, speakers and cameras are susceptible to corrosion and mold in spaces with high humidity.
  • Paper items: Items made of paper such as book, photos and comics can discolor with exposure to extreme temperatures and light.
  • Vinyl records and optical discs: For records and discs, a cool, dry environment is important. If possible, keep them in their original sleeves and cases.
  • Wine: Wine needs to be stored in climate controlled storage units as humid environments will cause it to age too fast. This results in a cloudy, brown appearance, which can be quite unappetizing to you or your guests.
  • Fabric: When fabric is stored long-term in a standard temperature controlled storage unit, it has the potential to mold from the higher humidity.

Other examples of items requiring climate control are wooden furniture, leather furniture, household appliances, stamps, comics, art, photographs, musical instruments, clothing and business inventory.

Do I need climate controlled storage?

It all depends on what you’re planning on storing. If you plan to put items into storage like wooden items, electronics, or any of the items we listed above, you should absolutely consider a climate controlled storage.

What will happen if I don’t choose a climate controlled space for my possessions?

Depending on which belongings you choose to store, you can leave your items susceptible to issues like mold, mildew and shrinkage.

Climate Controlled Storage Near Me

If you have belongings you’re concerned about leaving in a standard temperature-controlled facility, opt for storing your belongings with Crampt. Our storage facility in Austin, TX makes storing your items in a climate controlled space a breeze. The process is simple: we deliver the storage boxes to you, you pack them, schedule your pickup and we take them to our secure facility. You never even have to leave your home. We also have a variety of size options so you’ll always have the right amount of space for your belongings.

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