Tips For Garage Organization

Garages can easily become one of the messiest places in your home between holding your car and fitting in other items, like sports gear, bicycles, gardening equipment, and tools. Factor in the fact that most people also store items they rarely use in their garages, and the space can quickly turn into an overwhelming mess. Follow these tips to get your garage organized and then keep it that way.

Garage Storage Ideas

Gather the Supplies You Will Need

Think of organizing your garage just like you would any other cleaning project in your home and make sure you have everything you will need before you tackle the task. This means you need some basic cleaning supplies, such as a duster, broom, and dustbin, as well as trash bags to collect garbage. Don’t forget boxes to sort out items you plan to sell or donate, as well as plastic containers to store items you are keeping. It is also smart to invest in some hooks or shelving units for your garage, but you may not know what you need until you start organizing.

Work by Section

Take your car out of your garage, so you have more space to get working. Then, organize the space section by section. As you sort through the shelves and piles, remember to separate items into garbage, donations/sales, and what you want to keep. If there is enough room, make separate piles for the items you will keep based on categories, such as storage, lawn gear, sports equipment, automotive tools, and household tools.

Use Vertical and Ceiling Storage

If your pile of items to keep is overwhelming, do not lose heart. Garages have much more room for storage than many people realize, even if you want to fit two cars inside. Utilize garage storage shelves along walls where there is room. Set up sturdy metal strips with hooks or grips to hang shovels and other lawn tools in spots where you have vertical room but no floor space. Hang some hooks from the ceiling for the bikes you rarely use. Consider installing ceiling racks to store plastic containers filled with items that you rarely need to access.

Keep It Organized

Once you tackle the garage organization process, make it a point to keep it organized. When you finish using something, put it back where the item belongs. If you are frequently short on time when putting items away, consider placing a designated bucket or container for items that need to go away. Put things like outdoor toys or your gardening shovel there. However, go through the bin at least weekly and put the items where they actually belong.

The initial organization is the time-consuming part. After that, you should be able to keep your garage organized with just a few minutes a week.

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