Decluttering Tips For Organizing Your Home Office

When you initially thought of putting together your home office space, you probably wanted it to be a productive space where everything had its place. You likely imagined all the work you would accomplish there and all the ideas it would inspire. But like many of us, if you walked into that space right now, it has probably become a catch-all for documents, pencils and a random assortment of items.

You shouldn’t have to spend your time hunting down a bill or your retirement savings information when there are children and grandchildren to play with and outings to go on. If you want to get your office space back in order, follow these home office organization tips.

Home Office Organization Hacks

1. Create a color-coded filing system.

Loose papers are one of the biggest contributors to home office clutter. Even just a few bills laying around can make a tidy space feel disorganized. Create a filing system with a different color for each category such as

  • Green for financial.
  • Red for medical.
  • Blue for house.
  • Purple for insurance.
  • Yellow for utilities
  • Orange for misc.

Then make sure the filing system has a home. If your desk has deep drawers, a hanging desk draw organizer will keep all your papers in place with easy access. If you don’t have drawers, try a file box to keep them out of sight. You can also digitally scan your documents into your computer if you don’t want physical copies cluttering your space.

2. Utilize containers.

Large containers are perfect for storing items away in your closet for the season, but smaller containers are a great way to create organization within a space. Use drawer organizers or repurpose empty jewelry boxes for all your office supplies. For desks without drawers, use a desktop tray to keep everything neatly in its place.

3. Make the label maker your best friend.

Labels create both organization and a sense of organization. Label all your drawers, boxes and folders so you know where everything is as soon as you need it.

4. Utilize wall space.

The walls are often a forgotten element when you’re deciding how to organize your home office. But, they can often solve many space-saving issues. Walls offer a place to hang file holders, dry-erase boards, shelving and more.

5. Use cord organizers.

In a home office, you have cords coming from your computer, your printer, your phone, your fax machine and whatever technology you need for work and personal use. While they don’t usually contribute to the actual disorganization of a space, a mass of cords can add to the cluttered feeling of a space. Use cord organizers to hide messy cables and make your office feel less cluttered.

6. Invest in shelving.

If your home office doesn’t have a closet with shelving, adding a shelving unit can make a world of difference. It will give you added room for things you can’t keep on your desk. Sometimes simply spreading items out can make a space feel more organized.

Declutter Your Space with Crampt

When you sort through your home office space, you may start finding plenty of things that you don’t have space for but that you don’t want to get rid of. When that happens, call on the experts at Crampt. We can drop our boxes off, pick them back up when you’re ready, store it and deliver it back to you when you need it. We take the hassle out of storage so you never have to be inconvenienced.

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