How Crampt Provides Safe Storage in Austin

A security camera on the outside of a storage facility.

There are many reasons you may be considering investing in a storage space. Maybe you’re planning to move and need a place to keep some belongings while you settle into your new home. Or perhaps you’re just running out of space and don’t have anywhere to keep seasonal items. No matter your reason for needing storage space, you want to be sure that the facility you choose keeps your safety and security in mind. Below are just a few of the ways Crampt offers safe storage.

Healthy and Safe Storage at Our Facility

  • Only Crampt Employees Can Access the Facility. Our state-of-the-art facility is locked down from anyone getting in, unless you’re on our team. That’s right — not even renters have access to the facility. We do this so that absolutely no one except a few trusted individuals can reach your containers. When you need something back, we can bring it right to you. So, you may not be able to visit a storage unit, but our delivery system makes it all the more convenient. And in the age of COVID-19, this means a healthier experience for you as you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with other people at a storage facility.
  • Tamper-proof Zip Ties. While you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, we do offer tamper-proof zip ties to ensure no one’s meddling with your property. Your items are perfectly safe in our facility, but adding zip ties to each of your bins can give you some additional peace of mind.
  • Climate Controlled Spaces for the Safe Conditioning of Your Belongings. Crampt offers the best climate control in Austin. You’ll never have to worry about your items warping, cracking or breaking in the fluctuating Texas temperatures. And unlike many other storage facilities, Crampt offers true climate control storage. When most companies say they offer climate control, they’re actually offering temperature controlled storage. With true climate control like Crampt offers, your items are kept safe with both temperature and humidity control. This means that moisture, which can ruin sensitive belongings such as electronics and fabric, stays far away from your belongings.

Enjoy Storage Security with Crampt

Crampt believes in keeping every item under our watchful eye in a safe condition. The facilities are all climate controlled, monitored 24/7, pest free and equipped with the latest in fire-prevention and sprinkler systems. With us, you can feel good about keeping everything from nostalgic memorabilia to artwork to musical instruments and more. We also make your health a priority. Just tell us when you’re ready to store an item, and our team of professionals will come pick it up right from your home, so you never have to travel to a storage unit. Then, when you need something back, you can quickly and easily request a delivery on our online portal.

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