How Important is Climate Controlled Storage?

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If you’ve reached the conclusion that you need extra storage for your belongings, the next step is to find the storage facility with the right qualities. You may be asking yourself, “How important is climate controlled storage for my belongings?” And the answer to that question will depend on a few factors.

If you want to rent a space with a climate controlled storage facility like Crampt, below are a few benefits you’ll see.

Why Use a Climate Controlled Storage Facility

1. Your items will stay out of damaging temperature fluctuations. Here in Austin, TX, temperatures can get scorching-hot in the summer and dip to near-freezing in the winter. These extreme and fluctuating temperatures have the potential to damage your belongings if you have them stored in your basement, your attic or a non-climate controlled storage space. When you pull these items out of storage, you may notice warped musical instruments, split wooden furniture and even cracked antiques and heirlooms. You can help avoid this damage by keeping your possessions out of the extreme temperatures and in a climate storage area.

2. It’s more than just temperature control. Many storage facilities advertise that they offer climate control when they really only offer temperature control. Real climate control facilities like Crampt maintain humidity, as well, so you can feel good about storing your sensitive items.

3. You get better air quality. A climate controlled storage facility is typically sealed and insulated differently than standard storage units. This means they can continuously circulate clean air, thereby keeping the air quality surrounding your possessions fresh. This is an ideal environment for your most fragile possessions, like electronics or paper documents.

4. There’s an additional barrier between your belongings and outside debris. Climate controlled storage facilities typically have increased insulation in walls, floors and roofs so they can better control the inside temperature. Subsequently, this leaves them less vulnerable to flooding, pests and debris than standard storage units. This additional barrier in combination with the increase in air quality means you’ll deal with less dust when you want your items back.

5. You have additional peace of mind. Opting for a climate controlled space offers significantly more peace of mind than a standard storage unit. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are kept safely away from seasonal temperature changes and any dirt or debris issues.

Items that should be stored in a climate controlled storage facility

  • Wooden, metal, wicker, leather or upholstered furniture
  • Electronics
  • DVDs, CDs, vinyl records and other types of media
  • Artwork
  • Paper documents and photographs
  • Musical instruments
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Musical instruments
  • Medications and medical supplies
  • Anything you feel may be damaged in standard storage spaces

Get Great Climate Storage in Austin with Crampt

Once you’ve gathered the items you want to store and decided that climate storage is right for you, your next step will be to choose the right facility. If you live in the Greater Austin, Texas area, let Crampt lend a helping hand. Our storage facility offers true climate control to help keep your items in their best condition until you need them again. We also give you additional peace of mind with our secure, state-of-the-art facility that is monitored 24/7. You never have to worry about others tampering with your belongings, as only Crampt employees are allowed on-site. If organization is your worry, our online customer portal allows you to keep track of every item with our storage bin barcodes.

Get started with a personalized quote from Crampt and see how easy safe and secure storage can be!

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