Living in Austin, Texas on a Budget

The Austin, Texas skyline at sunrise.

Our beautiful city of Austin, TX has had a population boom in recent years, thanks to our high quality of life and strong economy. Of course, that high quality of life means a higher cost of living — something many people aren’t prepared for when they move to the area. But there are a few tips and tricks to making living in Austin a little more comfortable for your wallet.

How to Afford Living in Austin Texas

If you’re looking to move or retire to Austin, here are a few ideas that can help you stretch your budget.

1. Consider sharing your space.

For many of us, a house on our own in the downtown area might not be within the budget. If you’re young and want to give your living options a boost, consider sharing your space with a roommate or renting out a space in your home. Some older adults find this a viable option as well as it also provides companionship.

2. Opt for Austin apartments.

Purchasing in Austin — unless you’re looking for something outside the city — can be costly. Rather than looking for a full house, an apartment in Austin can offer all the amenities you need at a fraction of the yearly costs. The up-front cost is also far more affordable.

3. Look at suburb living.

As you travel further outside of Central Austin, living possibilities become more affordable. If you aren’t tied to living downtown, one of the many nice neighborhoods or surrounding cities in the Austin area could be the right choice for you. These areas also offer plenty of free activities and outdoor space to further stretch your budget.

4. Still want to buy? Look at older homes.

If you still want to move into a home of your own, look at older properties with lower ceilings fewer windows. You may have to invest a little in better insulation, but that cost is small compared to opting for a much newer home. These small touches will help to keep your utility costs down and your money in your wallet.

5. Cook at home.

Austin is a city for foodies, but that can come with a price tag. If you’re wanting to save money, add grocery shopping to your weekly to-do list, and save the eating out experiences for special occasions.

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