Create a Command Center in Your Home With These Tips

Creating a quality command center in your home can help you keep bills organized and sent out in a timely manner. It can also help you keep track of your children’s schedules. Here are a few simple ways to help you get organized with a command center in your home.

Consider the Right Spot and Set Some Boundaries

For your command center, you want a spot that everyone comes through. A kitchen, hallway nook, or front entrance would work well. Shelves will be helpful in building organization. Set some boundaries, such as what belongs in the area and what doesn’t. Good items to include are bills, school papers, medical records, and appointment reminders. Things to eliminate include backpacks, newspapers, books or magazines, and weather-related items.

Think About the Area’s Contents

You may like the looks of uniform boxes, but this is more of a short-term storage area. Binders and standing files are better. These will likely collect receipts and binders, or small boxes can work well here. Customize the space to fit your needs, such as using a bigger storage bin for larger paper loads that require future sorting. Keep your most personal items higher up, such as passports, deeds, birth certificates, etc. These can go in a metal firebox placed up high. Simple office supplies like computer paper and envelopes can go lower where they’re easier to access.

Use Your Walls

Let your décor do some of your motivating. Use quality quotes and pictures to create a positive mental state. Keep an area organized for your bulletin board material as well. Edit it regularly and keep an up-to-date calendar with school postings at the ready.

Think Outside the Cabinet

With the digital age, there isn’t much we need a filing cabinet for. If you’re touchy about it, get one of the many gadgets that you can scan your receipts into before tossing. Use colors to code everything. You can use one color for household bills, another for each child’s papers, and more. Keep in mind that a shredder can be your friend. Bills can be accessed online, records can be scanned in, and you can reduce paper clutter quickly.

Reduce Paper

One of the biggest things that will overrun your command center is paper clutter. Create a system with an inbox and outbox, and stay on top of it. Remember that you can scan anything you need to keep and start opting for paperless with companies you work with. You can receive and pay your bills online and never worry about dealing with extra paper.

What Gadgets to Consider

Once you’ve worked out your spot, you may want to consider some organizational gadgets. A well set up charging station for electronics is a good starting point. Another way to utilize space is to opt for wireless gadgets wherever possible.

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