How To Move a Dining Room Table

If you’re like most families in America, much of your life revolves around the dining room table: family meals, holiday dinners and even nightly homework assignments. Your dining table comes with many memories (and often a heavy price tag), so when you move, you probably want it to arrive at your new home in its best condition. Placing it haphazardly on a moving truck or in your own vehicle can create unnecessary damage. To move it with less chance of damage, follow the tips below.

7 Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table

1. Take pictures

Use your cellphone to document the current condition of your table from every angle, including the dining room table legs. This will help you reassemble the table later.

2. Clean the table

Dust, dirt and food particles can damage the table’s surface over time. Give your dining room table a thorough cleaning to remove grime and food. Be sure to let it dry before packing as moisture can become trapped under packing materials and cause mold growth, warping or swelling.

3. Add a layer of furniture polish

An extra coat of polish or wax to wooden furniture can help keep surfaces safe from minor scratches during your move.

4. Disassemble your dining table

Taking all the pieces apart makes moving a dining room table easier. It can also reduce the possibility of damage. If your table has a glass top or leaf, remove that first and wrap it in a thick blanket. Next, turn it so the dining room table legs are pointing up and remove them. Place any hardware pieces in a plastic baggie and tape it to one of the wrapped legs. If you can’t remove them safely, provide them with as much protection as possible using bubble wrap and blankets – especially if they’re wooden table legs.

5. Wrap everything

Corrugated cardboard is perfect to wrap around table corners and edges as they are the most likely parts to become damaged in a move. Then wrap the tabletop in blankets with plenty of overlap. Secure with packing tape but avoid attaching tape directly to the table.

6. Use at least two people for moving a dining room table

Have at least one person on each side and lift from the apron. If you were able to successfully detach the legs, turn the table so it’s vertical to the floor – this will make it easier to move through doorways.

7. Load the table carefully

When loading the table parts in the moving truck, place the tabletop against the wall and secure it with ropes or cords. You don’t want it to shift during transportation and sustain damage. If you have enough room, you can also lay it flat and place the table legs on top. If you were not able to remove the legs, place it in a standing position with other items under it. You can also place the table on its side and try to protect the legs as much as possible.

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