How To Organize Your Bathroom

A modern, white and wooden bathroom organized neatly.

The bathroom. The washroom. The lavatory. The restroom. Whatever you call it, it’s the one area of the home that everyone uses the most. With all of the end-of-the-year holidays, our bathrooms will likely get more use than ever! Unfortunately, that can also mean it can quickly end up disorganized.

If you find the right way to utilize your space to its best ability, it will be easier to keep it neat and tidy. Below are a few organization tips to keep your bathroom in tip top shape.

Bathroom Organization for a Tidy Space

  • Wall-mounted caddies. Your shower and counter space can quickly start to look disorderly thanks to small items like toothbrushes, combs and perfume or cologne bottles. Small wall-mounted caddies are the perfect way to utilize vertical storage and keep your counter and shower floor clutter-free.
  • Magnet organizers. Caddies too large for some of your items? Don’t worry, that’s what magnetic organizers are for. Magnetic hooks and cups can be affixed to the wall or inside of a medicine cabinet with a simple sheet of metal. Take them off to grab a hair tie or shift them around to better suit your preferred layout.
  • Use drawer dividers. If you don’t want items left out in the open, you may be tempted to shove them into drawers. Instead of trying to dig around for the right item, use dividers to your advantage. Drawer dividers come in an assortment of sizes and colors, so you can mix and match what you need to fit both your drawers and your items.
  • Sliding shelves under the sink. For most of us, the area under our sink is one, wide-open, empty space. It’s great for storing cleaning supplies or extra bottles of hygiene products, but it can become disorganized very quickly. Stackable sliding shelves can be a quick fix to keep the space orderly.
  • Invest in narrow shelving units. Many bathrooms tend to be lacking in square footage with very little space between fixtures. Narrow shelving units like metal racks can fit in spaces like those between the sink and shower. Now you can neatly stack towels for guests and easy-to-grab shower supplies. Not enough space for a narrow shelf? Try an over-the-toilet shelf to maximize the area.
  • Hang a peg rail. Most bathrooms have a towel rack for you to hang a used bath towel or hand towel. However, that doesn’t do much good when you have multiple people living in the home or visiting. Instead, try hanging a peg rail so you can dry out multiple wet towels at the same time instead of creating a mess on the floor or elsewhere.

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