8 Ways To Save Money When Your Job Has You Moving

Moving for your job will always cost something, but there are some things you can do to keep costs down, whether you are staying in Austin or moving across the country. If you are moving far away because of a job and you’re wondering how to save money in the process, following these tips may help you stick to your budget.

Moving Tips When Relocating For a Job

1. Pack Up Your Belongings Yourself

There are plenty of services these days that pack items for you in addition to moving. This is one thing you should always try to do yourself to save money. Packing yourself allows for better home organization since you know where everything is. It also makes downsizing easier since as you pack items, you can evaluate if they are necessary.

2. Find Free Boxes As Soon As Possible

If you are doing a relatively short move, cardboard boxes will be good enough, but you should opt for plastic bin storage for longer moves. If you choose cardboard storage boxes, start asking stores if they have free boxes as soon as possible.

3. Know What To Pack Last and Open First

As you work on home organization, set up a box to open first and one to pack last. This way, you will not have to run out and buy items like plates, toilet paper, paper towels, or scissors because you have no clue where you packed them.

4. Scout Out Home Rentals Ahead of Time

Assuming your work gives you notice, start looking for a home or apartment rental as soon as you can. Even if you won’t be moving for months, this will give you an idea of what neighborhoods work best for your budget.

5. Consider Downsizing

Downsizing is an excellent way to save money on the move. You will pay less in rent for a smaller place, and the moving company will charge less if you move fewer items. Downsize with a combination of a garage sale and public storage unit.

6. Consider a Moving Company

While a moving company could cost more out of pocket than doing it yourself, it may pay off in the long run (both for your wallet and your mental state). When you choose a moving company, you can rest assured that you have trained professionals on the job. Having the help of experienced movers significantly decreases the chances of valuables being broken during the move which, depending on the item, may be priceless to you.

For many, it’s also easier than burdening family members or bargaining with friends for their help. Especially if you’re moving several hours away and need to reimburse others for gas and tolls. When you hire a moving company, their team will simply get the job done, with no added pressure to “return the favor” down the road. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to comfortably fit all of your belongings in their professional moving truck, rather than cramming a bunch of stuff into a smaller rental truck and the vehicles of friends and family.

If you do decide to go this route, just remember to take the time to compare various long distance moving companies so you can find the best rate (and service)!

7. Put Any Extra Items In Storage

If you can’t bear to part with items but know you won’t need them anytime soon, put them in a full-service storage unit. The best ones will save you money as you won’t have to pay for gas to bring items to the storage unit or take them back home. Some even provide plastic storage bins so you don’t have to buy them yourself.

8. Wait To Buy Items Until You Settle In

Finally, avoid the temptation to go out and buy things you think you need as soon as you get to the new place. Instead, make a running list and wait until you finish unpacking. This way, you won’t buy something only to realize you already have it.

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