Ideas For Finishing an Attic and Creating a Living Space

A man finishes installing a window during an attic renovation project.

Most of us feel like our homes could use a little more living space. Sometimes it feels like our grandkids or family members are getting a little under-foot, and that little bit of extra room can make all the difference. If you can’t increase your space outwards, why not go upwards? A well-designed attic renovation not only gives you some extra living space, but it can add property value for when you’re ready to retire and sell it.

7 Attic Renovation Ideas in Austin, TX

Below are a few ideas to help you can get started with your attic renovation project.

1. Take the size of your attic space into account, and don’t over-plan.

When you start planning your new space, it’s easy to get excited and go overboard. While you may want to turn this newly discovered area into your perfect oasis, keep in mind that your attic is going to be smaller than many of your other rooms.

2. Plan the furniture layout as you design.

Taking your furniture into account is a crucial part of attic renovation planning. That includes deciding on placement and location of furniture, built-in storage and half-baths. If you don’t plan this out ahead of time, you may find yourself running out of room quickly when you start moving furniture into the new space.

3. Use this opportunity to balance out your rooms.

If you have plenty of bedrooms downstairs but could use more common spaces, use this chance to create a family room or play area for the kids or grandkids. Need more bathrooms? Your attic could provide the perfect solution.

4. Keep it open.

While planning an attic renovation, consider keeping the space to one or two rooms. This will help you maximize the available floor space. It can also help the area from feeling too confined.

5. Consider turning your attic into something simple like a home library.

If you’re creating your new space on a budget, it probably doesn’t make sense to turn the space into a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom or something similar. This could cause you to go over budget just by adding plumbing and lighting fixtures in the different areas. Instead, think about converting this space into something like a library. This still means lighting, but not as much as you’d need for multiple spaces. You can also deck out your space simply and quickly with some shelves, a comfortable reading chair and an area rug.

6. Take advantage of the eaves by turning them into storage space.

The narrow eaves in the structure of your home can be a bit awkward. Because large items won’t fit in that space, turn them into storage space. Think about creating built-in shelving or cupboards.

7. Remember to reference your local building codes.

Local building codes are going to guide many of your decisions. Remember to consult these before making any changes to your attic.

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