How To Store a Mattress For Easy Use Later

Did you know that you spend over a third of your life sleeping? With such a large part of our time spent asleep, it’s no wonder that we invest so much on our mattresses, box springs and bed frames. And because a bed set can cost you thousands of dollars, you want it to be around for a long time — even if you’re not sleeping on it right now. Storing your bed correctly can help to extend the lifetime by many years. Keep reading to learn how to store a mattress so you can keep enjoying it for years to come.

5 Tips for Storing a Mattress

1. Avoid the basement.

Even finished basements can be damp, and that can damage your mattress. To prevent moisture from ruining your mattress, do not store it in your basement.

2. Clean your mattress.

When you sleep, dirt, grime and skin cells can transfer onto the bed. If you put your mattress into storage without carefully cleaning it, it can develop fungus and mold. To avoid these issues, clean your mattress by vacuuming it thoroughly, applying baking soda and airing it outside.

3. Disassemble the bed frame.

Keeping your bed set up may sound like the easiest option, but that can leave the mattress, bed frame and box spring open to damage. Completely take apart the bed set and place all the screws, nuts and bolts in a bag taped to the frame or headboard. This will keep them from getting lost so you can easily reassemble the frame later. Next, cover the frame and headboard with old blankets for transportation and storage.

4. Use a mattress cover for moving and storage.

Using a mattress bag for moving and storing adds an extra layer of protection. Bags made of light, breathable plastic that cover the entire mattress are generally less than $20, making them quite affordable. Avoid using a mattress bag with thicker plastic as it can trap moisture inside. Once you place the mattress storage bag over the bed, secure it with tape and cover any holes or tears. It’s also best to store your mattress in a facility with climate-controlled storage to discourage mold and bacteria.

5. Let your mattress air out before you use it again.

After six months or longer in storage, your mattress can have a lingering odor thanks to the storage bag. Rather than immediately putting sheets on it, air out your mattress for a few hours. You can also sprinkle on a bit of baking soda, let it sit for an hour and vacuum it up — this should give a fresh, clean smell.

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