How To Pack For a Move

No matter which way you look at it, moving is stressful. You have to pack everything, but not too soon so you don’t have to unbox something frequently. And you don’t want to get stuck with packing for a move too late and running out of time. Then there’s juggling kids, pets, turning off utilities at your old home, turning them on at your new home and so much more. To help ease your stress and regain your excitement, we’ve created a checklist filled with packing tips for moving.

Your Packing Checklist: Moving Tips

8 weeks away:

  • Start a moving file (either digital or hard copy) where you can keep all your records including quotes and receipts. This will help you keep track of things like what each moving company charges and when you need to call each utility company. Continue to add things as moving day gets closer.
  • Create your moving budget. Moving is expensive, and things start to add up quickly. Include things such as moving supplies, moving company costs vs doing it yourself, transportation (moving truck, gas, mileage, etc.) and storage costs.
  • If you’re hiring movers, read over any documents before you sign them. Mover contracts and paperwork can be intimidating, so start reviewing them now.
  • Request time off work to move. You can pack in the evenings but moving after a full day of work is going to be difficult if not impossible. Note that moving on a weekday is often less expensive than a weekend, so think about moving on a Friday and using the weekend to get organized.
  • You may not want to take all your belongings with you, so plan a garage sale. This is a great way to get rid of things you no longer need as well as put a little extra into the moving budget.

6 weeks away:

  • If you’re moving farther away, schedule time to spend with friends and family.
  • Start collecting boxes. If you want to save on buying boxes from office supply stores, ask local grocery stores and bookstores.
  • Pack and label the boxes by room. This will help make unloading much simpler as each box can be dropped in its designated area. If you have multiple bedrooms, create signs you can hang above each doorway when you get there (but remember to carry the tape with you so for quick access). Remember to mark any boxes that are fragile the don’t wind up with heavier items on top of them.
  • Create an inventory list of everything that will go on the truck and what box it’s in. If you have valuables, keep those on a separate list that only you and your significant other have access to.
  • Use your phone to take pictures of all your electronics and their connections. When you set everything up at your new place, reconnecting wires and cords will be much easier.
  • Gather up your bedsheets and towels. Linens are ideal for wrapping more delicate items, so you don’t have to invest in extra packing materials.
  • If you’re moving out of an apartment, address any repairs so you can avoid losing your security deposit.
  • Start packing a little each day so you don’t get overwhelmed the night before your move.

4 weeks away:

  • Compile any documents you may need during your move or right after. This may include moving insurance, parking permits for the moving truck, financial and legal records, birth certificates, passports and medical records.
  • Use up or donate anything you’re unable to sell or use. Work all of your frozen foods into your upcoming meals since you can’t pack those.
  • Return any library books, movies or video game rentals.
  • Update your voter registration to your new area.
  • If you’re moving out of state and taking more than one day to get there, book your hotels now.
  • Music lovers can make a playlist to use for loading, driving and unpacking.

2 weeks away:

  • Prepare your meals for the next two weeks and store everything in the freezer.
  • Do you have any borrowed items from friends or family? Be sure to return them.
  • Backup everything on your computer to a flash drive or external hard drive. This will save you endless headaches if anything happens to it during the move.
  • Create a list of service providers at your new home in case anything goes awry during move-in.
  • If you have little ones, consider scheduling a babysitter or a playdate so they don’t get underfoot. Do the same with any pets.
  • Transfer your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance as well as update your auto insurance and car registration.
  • Update your address with any subscriptions you receive and schedule your mail to forward to your new home.
  • Clean off any outdoor furniture. You don’t want built-up grime to transfer to other belongings during the move.

1 week away:

  • Cancel or redirect any deliveries. Go through your emails for anything with tracking information in case you forgot about something like that new air fryer from Amazon.
  • Do a thorough cleaning of your home. The next resident will thank you!
  • Open all the cupboards, pantries and closets to make sure nothing gets left behind. You may also want to leave your contact information for the new resident in case they find anything that was overlooked.
  • Empty oil and gas from any large appliances that are coming with you.
  • Check the weather so you’re fully prepared for moving day.
  • The night before you move, defrost your fridge and freezer. Place an old towel down to soak up any water.
  • Put anything you’ll need during your first day and night in an Essentials Box.
  • Withdraw money from your bank to tip your movers!

Tips for moving day!

  • Remember to start early. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to unpack at your new home.
  • Lay down floor coverings so nothing gets tracked in or out as you’re loading the moving van.
  • Take pictures of your clean home. You never know if you’ll need them for proof later.

Packing for a Move with Crampt

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