Live a Clutter-Free Life With These Tips

A middle-aged woman gives a high-five to her granddaughter after ridding the house of clutter.

We’ve all experienced it – the successful decluttering of our homes only to have it all appear once again in a few weeks or months. This cycle can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is simple: don’t let the clutter build back up. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, the tips below can help you eliminate clutter for good and have the tidy home of your dreams.

8 Tips To Prevent Clutter From Accumulating In Your Home

1. Perform Frequent Purges. Even when you feel like you’ve simplified your belongings, clutter has a tendency to creep into your home and stay there. Set aside a few days throughout the year to go through all of your possessions and clear out the items you don’t need or use.

2. Keep to Your Budget. It may not sound like it, but living within (or even well below) your means can keep you from amassing too many belongings. Instead of wishing for a bigger closet when yours fills up, clear out old clothes so your closet feels like the right size again. Avoiding spending money on items that fill up your home also means you can save it for more exciting things like traveling and retirement.

3. Don’t shop without a list. You know those little end shelves and displays near the checkout at almost every store? The items on them are referred to as “impulse buys” because human nature tells us we’re generally impulsive creatures. However, that’s not the only place we may be compelled to buy something we don’t need during a shopping trip. When you bring a list with you — no matter the type of store you’re shopping at — it’s easier to be focused on just buying the items you came for. If you do see something that grabs your interest that’s not on your list, give it 24-48 hours. If you still want it after that time and feel like there’s a place it can fit in your home, pull the trigger.

4. Create a “Home” for Everything. When everything has a spot it belongs, it’s easy to see what is no longer necessary. It’s also easier to return items to their proper place when there’s a definitive place for them to go. If you run out of “homes” for your possessions, it’s time to start pairing them down.

5. Make Putting Belongings Away a Habit. Putting belongings away as soon as you’re done with them may be the single-most important step to keeping your home free of clutter. However, it can be a struggle to do at first. Just keep striving to do it, and eventually it will become second nature. Until then, remind yourself how good your home looks to motivate you!

6. Create a Command Center with a Spot for Everything that Comes into Your Home. Junk mail, freebies, packages — these items can build up and create more clutter than you realize. As soon as you get anything in the mail, bring it to a spot like a home command center where you can quickly sort through it to decide what goes and what gets organized.

7. Opt for a Paper-Free Lifestyle. Because of its small nature, paper is one of those items that quickly causes a cluttered mess in your office, dining room or kitchen. Scanning all of your documents may seem like a hassle at first, but you’ll find that everything is quickly searchable and much more organized when you’re done.

8. Don’t feel bad if the clutter comes back. We all have days, weeks and even months where we feel “off” and just not up to cleaning and organizing. If you find that your home is a disaster after those times, don’t beat yourself up about it — just roll up your sleeves and start again.

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