Is It Better To Rent a House or an Apartment?

Renting your living space is not a new idea. Apartments have existed for centuries, and the idea of renting your house can be traced back to well before ancient Egypt! But when it comes to renting an apartment vs renting a house, many of us struggle with the decision. Both options come with their pros and cons, so it usually depends on what aspects are more important to you. Below, we take a look at the pluses and minuses of renting a house vs apartment to help you make a more informed decision.

Renting a House vs Apartment: Pros and Cons

Renting a House


  • More space. Any way you slice it, a house generally has more space than an apartment. This is great news if you’re planning to split the rent with roommates or family members as this will give you more personal space.
  • If you want better privacy, a yard, a pet or better parking options, you’re probably going to look more closely at renting a house.
  • Suburban living. A large quantity of houses for rent are located in the suburbs because that’s where houses are typically built. Of course, this is only a pro if suburban living appeals to you. But if it does, a house in the suburbs often means quieter roads and a support system of neighbors.


  • Houses are almost always more expensive than apartments, especially if you’re looking in a metropolitan area like Austin, TX. And that doesn’t just apply to your monthly rent. More space means more area to heat and cool, and that means higher utility bills.
  • Yes, this is both a pro and con. While houses have closer parking and more privacy, they also don’t come with on-site gyms or pools like many apartment buildings.
  • That suburban appeal also means driving farther to get to the things you want. Instead of walking to the grocery store or to get ice cream, everything becomes a trip in the car. Your commute time is also likely to increase.

Renting an Apartment


  • Fewer expenses. While an apartment typically comes with less floor space, it also means less cost. Because apartments are smaller, the rent is usually less than a house. Utilities are also often lower in an apartment since there’s less space to cool and heat.
  • It’s can be such a relief to know somebody is there to quickly fix any issues you have. A/C isn’t working in the middle of August in Austin? Your maintenance personnel will be by in no time to make sure you’re comfortable again. Renting a house can mean waiting until the landlord can hire outside repair professionals.
  • Apartments are typically located in business areas, and that means everything you may need will be nearby. Many places are even within walking distance which can help keep your gas costs down.


  • Less space. It seems obvious, but an apartment generally has less space than that of a house. It can start to feel cramped over time, especially if you’re sharing the space with a roommate or two or family members.
  • Nearby neighbors. While having neighbors close by in an emergency can be a good thing, it’s not as welcomed for late nights or loud music. Apartment walls tend to be thin, and sound carries. If you’re someone that likes to play loud music or movies, an apartment may not be for you unless you feel like you can make some adjustments to your habits.
  • Apartment buildings do usually come with parking lots, but that means fighting for a parking space regularly.

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