Storing Your Camping Equipment For The Winter Months

A senior couple enjoys camping with their grandchildren near a lake.

While we don’t exactly have an “off season” here in Texas, you may find yourself wanting to put your gear away for a few months. With the holidays quickly approaching, there will be far less time for camping when you’re making plans for Thanksgiving, holiday shopping and family time.

When you’re ready to put your equipment away for the season, follow these tips on how to store camping gear so you’ll be ready to go again in the spring.

How to Store Camping Gear for Easier Use Later

Clean and vacuum out your tent. When you go camping, you spend a lot of time traipsing in and out of your tent. And that means you’re bringing debris like dirt, twigs and even bugs into the tent with you. One of the best ways to make sure you get everything out before storage is to set up your tent in your yard and vacuum it out with a handheld vacuum. If don’t have one, you can also rent a shop vac.
Dry it out. One of the most critical steps to packing your camping gear for the winter is to dry it out. If you put your tent or sleeping bags away while they’re still damp, you will likely be greeted by mold, mildew and possibly rot in the spring. This could be a detriment to your wallet, as replacing all this equipment can be extremely expensive.
Inspect the seams. If your waterproof seams look like they’re separated, apply a thin layer of sealant and wait 24 hours for it to dry. This sealant helps to lower your chances of unexpected damage when you’re ready to camp again in the spring.
Don’t use a tent storage bag. Your tent should be kept loosely to allow the fabric to breathe. Instead of a standard tent storage bag, drape your tent in a mesh bag or pillowcase.
Use sealable bins. Plastic bins can not only help keep your gear dry and protected, but they also make it easy to keep everything organized. This organization will be key when you try to pull out all your gear again in the spring.
Store flammable items separately. Avoid packing matches, lighter fluid, fire starters, kerosene lamps and other flammable items with your tent and sleeping bags. Be sure to empty out any liquids before placing them in storage.
Remove batteries. Like the flammable items, be sure to remove the batteries from flashlights, electric lanterns and any other tools, so they don’t leak or corrode.
Do not store your camping gear in the garage. The folded material of tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs can be a welcoming home for pests looking for a warm place to hide. If you place your gear in your garage, mice and other pests will be able to find these spots much easier. Instead, keep the gear in your home or a storage unit.

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