Removing Excess Clutter: 7 Best Decluttering Tips

It can be very easy to build a collection of items as time goes on. Whether from a slew of kids’ items, different hobbies, or just household items, clutter can take our peaceful home away from us. Here are a few tips to help rid you of excess clutter.

Start With a High-Impact Space

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about decluttering your entire home. This is a good time to take a breath and make a note of every room. Select one of your most high-impact areas like a kitchen, bathroom, or living room and decide on a starting point.

Baby Step Your Way to a Big Impact

Many times, it is simply overwhelming to declutter your home. Start small. Maybe just one drawer or cabinet or perhaps just a collection of old shirts; whatever it is, keep it simple.

Target a Hot Spot for a Snowball Effect

One of the best ways to get and stay motivated is by organizing one of your hotspots and staying on top of it. Whether this is your coffee or kitchen table or the front entrance, it works the same. The idea is it’s a small space that tends to collect a lot of clutter and is in your eyesight all the time. Get that tackled and you will feel motivated to work on more.

Consider Using a Checklist

It’s not a bad idea to write down some goals and even steps to work towards them when it comes to decluttering. This can help you break off certain areas like a room or even just a closet. Understanding the amount of time it will take to take care of the decluttering properly can help you create reasonable goals and expectations.

Use Containers for Visual Effect

There is a lot to be said for having a pantry that is organized by containers that all look alike and inspire peace rather than chaos. Not to mention, food safety issues are minimized with properly stored flour, sugar, and more. Consider placing your dried goods in similar containers for a more aesthetic appeal.

Use a Method for Deciding What Stays

Whether it is holding it close and asking if the item inspires love or some other method, choose a way to help you decide what goes and move through your collections with purpose.

Get Small Amounts Out

As you gather items to donate or discard, get them out immediately. It will help keep you motivated and give you more room. Use small grocery bags rather than a full-sized trash bag for collection. This way you can move items out in smaller groups.

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