How To Prepare Belongings For Storage

There are a multitude of reasons why you may be considering long term storage for your belongings. Perhaps you’re downsizing and want to keep belongings put away for your children and grandchildren. Maybe you’re saving up for your dream home and are living in a smaller space for a year. Or perhaps your home just doesn’t have the storage space that you need. Regardless of your specific reason, when you put your belongings into long term storage, you want them to return to you later in the best condition possible. That’s why we’ve created this list of tips on how to prepare your belongings for storage.

6 Essential Long Term Storage Tips

1. Clean your belongings first. Items like clothing and furniture collects skin cells and dirt over time. If you don’t properly clean them before placing them in storage, they can stain the material or lead to dry rot.

2. Use high-quality containers. When putting your belongings into long term storage, not any container will do. That’s why Crampt uses their own storage boxes and brings them directly to you! A high-quality storage container helps keep moisture and mildew away from your belongings as well as prevents stacked boxes from collapsing and crushing fragile items.

3. Wrap delicate items. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting your items in storage for nine months or nine year – protecting your fragile items is important. Wrapping items helps to prevent damage both during storage and during transportation.

4. Use packing material. Packing materials like bubble wrap and dust covers can help keep your belongings in good condition. Bubble wrap provides an extra layer of protection while dust covers keeps furniture cleaner during their time in storage.

5. Know how to pack your items. Some items have specific packing requirements. Books and paper documents should be stored flat and with archival paper. Clothing should first be packed in vacuum-sealed bags or with cedar balls. Wrap mattresses in mattress bags prior to moving. If you don’t know how to pack your items, be sure to research it first.

6. Consider climate control. Humidity can do irreparable damage to your belongings during long term storage. You don’t want to get your heirlooms back only to find them warped or moldy. Storing your items in climate controlled storage can help reduce that possibility by keeping your belongings in a humidity controlled space.

Choose Crampt for Long Term Storage

With Crampt, you can feel good about having your belongings in storage. Our high-quality containers are designed to stack nice and tall in our storage facility. We also keep your belongings in a true climate-controlled facility. Many storage companies only offer temperature control, leaving your items susceptible to humidity and mildew.

We’ll also help you pack! If you need a helping hand, you can hire one of our personal packers to move the process along. Get a quote today to see how easy long term storage can be!


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